Product Highlights

When it comes to surveillance, every detail is important, so everything will be taken care of.

Retail Analytics

Implement solutions that estimate the number of people in venues such as museums, trade shows and shopping malls.

Video Analysis

Exploit the full potential of your video surveillance system with video content analysis.

Trigger Alarms

CCTV cameras can be used as a stand-alone intruder sensor or digital output contact can be set to react to specific triggers.

Face Finder

Build a custom system that enables monitoring people in view of a video camera, and follow their movements.

Did You Know?

Our AI driven video analytics platform can help you innovate and automate current processes.


RPA has swiftly become the main go-to solution for senior executives of nearly every business environment, and with good reason – many enterprises have successfully deployed and leveraged automation for efficiency, general business improvement and other related objectives.

Undertaking an RPA journey enables companies to: plan and execute the technology on an enterprise-wide basis, integrate siloed operations, applications and data, build internal capabilities to adapt and scale, and more importantly, create business value and competitive advantages.


Our engineering team is available for on-site support to fully customize our solution for your specific business needs.


We can integrate with most building access control systems to provide an innovative method using face recognition for facility access management.

24/7 Monitoring

Our video surveillance AI engine works non-stop for you and never goes on a smoke break or falls asleep!


We can quickly trigger SMS alerts based on preloaded photos of unauthorized personnel or detect suspects & intruders.

Comprehensive Surveillance Automation Platform

Cyber Analytics AI platform is ideally suited for human resource control applications as well as for security and enforcement applications.